Blog Topic for today: Write about the most interesting thing your learned about your person while doing research. You need to explain what you learned and why you thought it was interesting in three or more sentences.
Kayla Wallace
12/10/2010 07:14:20

There is alot of interesting things about Susan B. Anthony.The most inportant thing about Susan B. Anthony is that she got arested just for running for president.I think that is interresting because it didnt really make any sence to me but that was how they were in those days.Also what was interesting was that women couldnt vote or own there own proprty.Now that was just plan crazy.But if I was her I would do the same thing that is why I also idmire her to.

12/10/2010 07:24:59

the most interesting thing I learned was that muhammad ali was the first person to be televised.Ali lost to leon spinks by the most hits. Muhammad beat leon spinks by knock out. His career had stop for three and a half years becaused he refused to join the vietnam war.When muhammad got back in to his career he got beat by ken norton who had a 55-5 record.Later in he's career he lost to larry holmesin 1980.Larry holmes tried to trick ali for the fourth heavyweight championship in 1981.When ali retired the ali-frazier fights were he greatest in fistic history. Later muhammad developed a disease

lydia hargett
12/10/2010 07:25:14

One interesting thing I learn about Walt Disney. Was that he began building Disney Land on July 17,1955.But he would not live to see the compltion.He was passing away on Dec.15,1966 which is the day before mine not the year.

12/10/2010 07:35:06

I learned about Walt Disney is that he is a good man.He dropped out of high scool at age 17.He also loved to sail candy and newspaper on a train.He was the oldest out of three.

12/10/2010 07:35:17

Ali first liked boxing when his bike was stolen.The cop he told about his bike was a boxing trainer.He told Ali he would train him.

Darryl Blunt
12/10/2010 07:37:10

This is smoething new I larend about Jackie Robinson that the first team he played for was the Dogers.And he did care what white people said abont him.jack had the most homeruns in the Major leages.

jarius brown
12/10/2010 07:37:25

Muhammad Ail is one of the grasters of all time.He was the best at what he do.No body could bet him in boxing.I belive that he stand up for his rights and belive and peace.


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