About Our Project

An influential American is a person who has affected our world in some way, this could mean they fought for equal rights for all Americans by not giving up their seat on a bus or they were the first woman to go to space.

                           We will be starting a new project in Social Studies where you will be taking a closer look at one person who has impacted our society. During class you will have time to research and learn more about the person you have chosen to research, though time outside of class to finish research may be needed. You will also be responding to an online blog to discuss information you have found about your person as we work through this project and completing a final project. To end our project each student will contribute to a class website dedicated to Influential Americans.  On the website you will create a page focusing on the person that you have chosen and the information you have gathered.

Below is a list of influential Americans you can choose to complete your project on:

Rosa Parks

Luis Armstrong

John F. Kennedy

Thomas Edison

Orville and Wilbur Wright

Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Lincoln

George Herman “Babe” Ruth

Jackie Robinson

Martin Luther King Jr.

Bill Gates

Henry Ford

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Walt Disney

Albert Einstein

Henry Ford

Amelia Earhart

Mae C. Jemison

Muhammad Ali

Susan B. Anthony

Sally Ride

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