Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820. She was one of eighteen children. When she was a child she believed in no slavery and women’s rights. In 1838, her father lost the cotton mill he owned because of a Great Depression. They had to sell their house in 1839. They moved to New York and her father built a 15 room brick house. He added another room for a school so the children would get a good education.

                Susan thought that citizens shouldn’t be by what they looked like. She used to write and deliver speeches about no slavery. The men invited the women to “listen and learn” but not speak. She cut off her hair and put on “bloomers” for the cause. She never got married because of women’s rights. She ran for president and got sent to jail. She had a fine of $100 and never paid. She died on March 13, 1906 because of heart failure.

                Susan B. Anthony is an influential person because she fought for women’s rights. She kept trying to make a difference and succeeded. When everyone tried to tell her no she didn’t give up. She inspires people and tells them that you can do anything you put your mind to. That is why I picked Susan B. Anthony for my influential person.


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