Luis Armstrong

Luis Armstrong was a black little boy not expecting what happened next. Luis shot a gun in the air on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the changing of the year when an annoyed police officer heard the bullet and took the 12 year old Luis to jail. There he met the music director Peter Davis and joined his jail jazz band.


                Luis Armstrong was very poor when he got out of jail and his only choice was to sing on the streets for nickels. When he was 20 he joined a sailing jazz band that played on cruise ships. He made some cash but not enough for a home and warmth. He took a bus back to New Orleans and married  Lil Hardin . She had him a home and warmth they could share. Luis Armstrong  was famous when he joined the famous jazz band and lived his dream life.

                Luis Armstrong is influential because he did go to jail, but when he got out he had no money he did believe and that’s got him where he is today , famous . Luis shows me to not give up follow my dreams and believe. Like he says “ Believe to receive” !

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