Susan B. Anthony

On February 20, 1820 a little was born named Susan B. Anthony. Susan was one of eighteen kids but only six lived to be adults. At a young age Susan believed in no slavery and for women to have equal rights. Her father bought a cotton mill. Soon Susan and her family had moved to the wealthiest neighborhood in the city! Susan`s father built another house so that other people could get an education. When Susan was around fifteen, or sixteen {around the 1838} her father lost the mill and had to sell their house because of the Great Depression! Later moved to New York.

As she got older she wrote a book called “The History of Women’s Suffrage Association,” {six volumes long}. She was one of the hand full of women writers. Although she had many talents she was a brilliant organizer and political strategist. Susan believed that too many citizens were being judged by their sex.  That is why she never got married. Anthony tried to run for President but got arrested for trying.

Susan B. Anthony was a good role model for all women and men everywhere. She never gave up on women`s rights.  She wanted women to have equal rights for equal hours and no slavery. I want to be like Susan in so many ways! I want to help defend people. She is the best role model that I could ever have! Susan is a great influential American.


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